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Sniper flood on Mashtur Server
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    Sniper flood on Mashtur Server

    Hi Guys,
    The last three nights I quit playing the OG Mashtur server because of the insane *:evil: number of snipers. High score and low point: 18 snipers (of 32 players). You can imagine what the resulting gameplay was like: no teamplay and everybody trying to be leet.
    On TS I understood the server should kick automatically when the max number of snipers has been reached. It doesn't, unless you removed the max number. Please look into this, I really prefer to play the OG servers because of the usual teamplay.

    Happy hunting,


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    Re: Sniper flood on Mashtur Server

    Should have worked yesterday. And yes the module stands on. Only that software program has the intention to stop modules for no reason at all. There is nothing I can do about it unless to restart the tool when I see it isn't working.

    Sorry for the trouble it causes but I'm afraid it currently is the way it will be.

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    Re: Sniper flood on Mashtur Server

    Thanks for the quick reply. Too bad the software doesn't perform as it should. Guess I'll have to learn to live with it.


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