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  • How to: Setup your TeamSpeak ID

    If you want to join our TeamSpeak server and have the permissions you deserve, you will need to setup your Teamspeak-ID with our website.

    If you follow the following steps, you should be up and running in no-time.

    1: Open Teamspeak
    2: Connect to our server:
    3: Go to "Settings -> Identities"
    Attachment 2
    4: Make sure the right profile is selected, and copy your "Unique ID"
    Attachment 3
    5: Go to our website and make sure you are logged in
    6: Edit your profile-settings (click here)
    7: In the bottom, paste your Teamspeak-ID into the field
    Attachment 4
    8: Hit the "Save changes" button
    9: Done, you should be connected to teamspeak, and have the permissions you should have.

    P.S. In the event of a change in your permissions on the website, follow step 9 again to synchronise your Teamspeak with the website