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  • Rules and Policy


    1. General
    2. [OG] Community Leaders
    3. Membership
    4. Admin Procedures and Conduct
    5. Forums Procedure and Conduct
    6. Teamspeak Procedures and Conduct
    7. Server Rules and Conduct
    8. Community Wars
    9. Definitions
    10. Proper Rule Offender Procedures

    Article 1

    1.1 The Community Leaders are leading the community and is supported by the Game Head-admins
    1.2 All responsibilities are at the Community Leaders.
    1.3 Not a single member, except for a member of the Community Leaders or a designated spokesman, is allowed to represent the ccommunity in any public forum of any kind. Arrangements not made by members mentioned above are not valid.
    1.4 The Community Leaders can kick any member from the community when they feel suited to do so. The member which will be kicked will be informed my e-mail or on Teamspeak and the decision will be explained there.
    1.5 Reason for [OG] to kick a member immediately
    - Racism
    - Threatening other community members
    - Cheating
    - Every other reason we deem valid
    1.6 Cheating in our community is not allowed. There is only one punishment for cheating; an immediate kick from the community and all [OG] servers.
    1.7 A member can only be a member of [OG].
    1.8 Members are obligated to wear their community tag at all times. Provoking nicknames are not allowed.
    1.9 The Community Leaders could change the rules of conduct at any time without notification.

    Article 2
    [OG] Community Leaders

    2.1 Explanation of the Community Leaders
    2.1.1 The [OG] Community Leaders are the decision making body of [OG] and exercises that authority given to them by [OG] MI-Six or [OG] Vercetti. At no time will that authority be used against the will of [OG] MI-Six or [OG] Vercetti or against the betterment of [OG].
    2.1.2 The Community Leaders are comprised of members that [OG] MI-Six or [OG] Vercetti choose to make up that body and exercise that authority.
    2.1.3 The rulings of the Community Leaders can only be overruled by themselves, [OG] MI-Six or [OG] Vercetti, and other new evidence that could change the decision.

    2.2 Duties and Responsibilities
    2.2.1 As a Community Leader you should be fair and impartial in dealing with any situation that you are dealing with.
    2.2.2 As a Community Leader it is your responsibility to keep up on the matters of the community within reason.
    2.2.3 In dealing with perm bans regarding people accused of Cheating/Hacking all decisions and rulings should be unanimous with all Community Leaders that vote.

    Article 3

    3.1 Types of members
    3.1.1 Members
    - A VIP place on one of our servers
    - Basic Admin rights on our gameservers
    - Usage of Teamspeak
    - Allowed to play wars
    - Full Forum access
    3.1.2 Trail members
    - Usage of Teamspeak
    - Some forum access

    3.2 Joining [OG]
    3.2.1 Requirements
    To become a member of our community, the following requirements need to be met:
    - Minimal age 18
    - Own a headset
    - You have Teamspeak installed
    3.2.2 Try-out
    Every new recruit has a 4 week trials period. In this period, the recruit will be judged on his behaviour, in-game, on the forums and on Teamspek, motivation, teamplay and moral conduct.
    3.2.3 Membership Fees
    To become a member, it is mandatory to pay a membership fee.
    The membership fee is € 5,00 per month.
    No payments are required during the 4 week trial period. When the trial period ends, the recruit has 2 weeks to transfer the funds to [OG]'s Paypal account in order to become a full member. If the payment is not received within 2 weeks, the trial period ends and the membership will be terminated.
    3.2.4 Inactivity
    We expect community members to pro-active. This means we expect members to be active on our forums, Teamspeak and participate in wars. In case a short period of inactivity occurs (holiday and such) please notify your Head Game admin on the forums.
    3.2.6 Behavior/Misbehavior
    Every member agrees to follow the rules set by the community. Non-compliance to the rules, will be handled the following way:
    -Supension for 1 week
    -Removal from the community
    Depending on the severeness of the breach of rules, removal could be an instant choice. In case of a removal from the community, membership fee is not refunded
    3.2.6 Refunds
    If a member leaves the community before the membership period ends, the membership fees will not be refunded.

    Article 4
    Admin Procedures and Conduct

    4.1 Server Admin Regulations
    4.1.1 [OG] MI-Six or [OG] Vercetti will have final say in a dispute.
    4.1.2 Being a server admin is not a toy, use it according to the rules posted in this article.
    4.1.3 Server admins are required to assist in the enforcement of all [OG] rules.
    4.1.4 As a server admin in the server it is your foremost responsibility to see to the environment of the server.

    4.2 Admin Guidelines
    4.2.1 As a server admin you are to be exemplary in all your conduct. Adhering to all [OG] guidelines and should follow and enforce them at all times.
    4.2.2 Do not use your server admin abilities ( i.e. warn, kick, ban, Switching Teams, etc.) in the public servers unless it is well deserved. These commands can be very inviting in a lot of cases, but do not use them just because you can. This also includes testing your abilities on other players. Without proper cause you can lose your server admin rights
    4.2.3 It is wise to know your abilities as a server admin before you are forced to use them on a public scale. Remember that we all gain or lose respect depending on your actions as a server admin.
    4.2.4 Suspicions regarding cheaters/hackers will be reviewed by the Cheat & Abuse admin upon their submission of the evidence and should not be dealt with in public prior to the Community Leaders' decision.
    4.2.5 If you ban someone from the servers you must submit the ban to Cheat & Abuse admin within 24 hours of banning the person. We request that you submit all bans, however if they are less than 1 day it is not required unless the person you ban is a member of a allied community which must always be posted regardless of duration.
    4.2.6 The rules for kicking an offender on our servers is WARN/WARN/KICK. Please be sure to always warn twice before kicking and above all be respectful. When you warn or kick a player be very clear of the reason, so it can be reviewed by the server admins, if necessary.

    4.3 Forum Moderator Guidelines
    4.3.1 As a moderator you are to be exemplary in all your conduct. Adhering to all [OG] guidelines and should follow and enforce them at all times.
    4.3.2 Please refrain from simply deleting a post, move the post to a more private section so that it may be properly dealt with by a higher ranking admin.
    4.3.3 Use of moderators to edit posts or unlock items that are locked by other moderators should be restricted to only the most necessary situations.

    Article 5
    Forums Procedure and Conduct

    5.1 General [OG] Forum Rules and Regulations
    5.1.1 Upon registering, you agree to never use this forum for any vulgar, false, sexually oriented, threatening, obscene, abusive, hateful, slanderous, or anything that violates ANY acceptable laws.
    5.1.2 Never post any copyrighted material, which you do not expressly own the copyright to, or that you do not have the authorization to use.
    5.1.3 Advertisements, Spam (or useless information posted often), solicitation, and chain letters ARE NOT allowed on this forum.
    5.1.4 Please watch you language when posting on the forums. The Moderators or Administrators will delete pointless posts.
    5.1.5 Do NOT use the [OG] Forums for personal messaging. Please use the PM system for this type of material. The Moderators or Administrators will remove threads with personal conversations.
    5.1.6 Do NOT post unless you are sure of your information. Giving false or misleading information is harmful. The Moderators or Administrators will remove any post they feel contains potentially harmful information.
    5.1.7 Do not post offensive, inconsiderate messages or attempt to flame another member. Discussions and arguments can be private messaged to a Forum Moderator or Administrator to be handled.
    5.1.8 Leave the admining and moderation to the forum administrators and moderators.
    5.1.9 Do not post to something that you are/were not involved in. In the case of an admin banning someone, the admin that bans is more than capable of explaining it. If necessary your statements can be taken by the Community Leaders. If you post to something in this fashion your post will be deleted and your access rights to the section may be removed.

    5.2 Forums Reminders
    5.2.1 Warnings can and will be issued by the Forum Administration or Moderators. Violators of any rules will be issued a warning and face potential banning. If a Ban is required, you will lose all Forum and Server privileges and your post may be removed from the forum.
    5.2.2 Please be advised: [OG] is committed to maintaining a friendly and clean Forum. Please use common sense when posting.
    5.2.3 Your IP address is logged each time you post a message, login or logout of the forum and each click is logged for a certain amount of time. This information will be expressly used to assist us if there are any attempts to hack into certain areas of this forum and may be used to contact your ISP upon breaking this agreement.
    5.2.4 Forum Administrator and Moderator actions: Those who own and/or are charged with running this forum will strive at all times to be as consistent in their decisions as possible. Members by their participation acknowledge that the actions of those charged with running this forum are undertaken with an objective desire, but a subjective eye, and agree to accept these decisions as final.

    Article 6
    Teamspeak Procedures and Conduct

    6.1 Behave on Teamspeak, do not:
    - Spam or scream in the channels
    - Go online/offline/online/offline, other members can hear this and it might interfere with their gaming.
    - Broadcast Music in channels
    6.2 Members need to use their own nickname when using Teamspeak. Pretending to be someone else is a serious offense, which could result in a kick.
    6.3 Stick to the channel descriptions. Chit-chatting is done in the "Welcome ". In case a member does not stick to the channel description, he could be kicked from the channel or server.
    6.4 English is the main language to be spoken when there are members from different nationalities in one channel. If you wish to speak to another member in your native language, you should switch to a separate channel.

    Article 7
    Server Rules and Conduct

    7.1 Behavior
    7.1.1 General behavior of all persons should at all times be in-line with all [OG] codes and regulations, if otherwise then admin action should be taken to correct the instance.
    7.1.2 Respect all persons in AND out of the server. At no time should there be any character bashing of anyone or of any kind.
    7.1.3 Avoid complaining about or ridiculing other people's style of gameplay.
    7.1.4 Be gracious in your victories and losses. Nobody really cares how good you are, nor does anybody enjoy hearing you complain every time you die (i.e., 'wtf', 'lucky shot', 'my team sucks'). However, good-natured taunting between friends is encouraged. We are here to have fun.
    7.1.5 No profane, racial, derogatory or inappropriate language should be used. This includes anything that could be taken incorrectly or out of context and insinuations of language that would otherwise be inappropriate.
    7.1.6 Absolutely no use of Exploits, Hacks, cheating at any time. This includes anything that gives any person an advantage over another by any other means than by true skill. No Stat padding will be tolerated. This includes any team work or exploit to pad your score or gain higher rank. Understand that you are the only one that should be playing under your registered account. Allowing others to play for you is considered stat padding and is considered the same as having a program bot play for you to gain rank and global scores. You will be reviewed and possibly suspended/released from the community for this. Our servers are monitored at all times and screenshots will be taking of violators. This evidence will be sent to the game publishers along with your CD Hash and IP address.
    7.1.7 Team killing and team wounding are strictly prohibited at any time. This includes purposeful killing or wounding of teammates, and does not include accidental instances unless it violates another article or paragraph. If you are in an orbital strike area, you will have a verbal and visual warning from your commander. Get out of that area while they are doing their job.
    7.1.8 The use of political, drug, racial, religious, and foul language as names is strictly prohibited and should be considered inappropriate.
    7.1.9 There should be no arguing or smack talking of any kind in the servers. However, good-natured taunting between friends is encouraged. We are here to have fun.
    7.1.10 There should also be no arguing with admins or with others about the rules that are herby stated. If there is a dispute regarding a rule or act of enforcement it should be brought up to the respective game head-admin.
    7.1.11 There should be no accusing anyone of Cheating/Hacking, if you have a legitimate concern take it to an admin. Otherwise record a demo for review by the Community at a later date. Accusing someone of Cheating/Hacking while in a public server is strictly prohibited.
    7.1.12 Websites and advertisements are not to be used in a name or in typed text. Recruiting for any reason is also prohibited.

    7.2 Uncap/ Team Killing Rules
    7.2.1 Do not spawn camp any spawn point on the server, you will be kicked from the server. You can not stay at one spawn point and continue to kill players spawning there.
    7.2.2 Team killing and team wounding are strictly prohibited at any time. This includes purposeful killing or wounding of teammates, and does not include accidental instances unless it violates another article or paragraph.

    7.3 Expectations For Members
    7.3.1 All members should wear their Proper Community Tag while on any [OG] and allied servers.
    7.3.2 If you are wearing the [OG] tag in another server then all [OG] standards and expectations apply whether the servers rules state it or not. Otherwise, if you are not wearing the [OG] you are still required to obey the individual server's rules. If it is found that an [OG] member wearing tag or not is causing problems in any server there will be action taken. You are a representative of [OG], act like it.
    7.3.3 As a member of [OG] you are responsible to assist in enforcing the [OG] rules while in [OG] servers. If an admin is in the server let them handle the problems within reason. Also, if you are playing on another community's server, obey their rules as you would expect them to obey ours.

    7.4 Expectations For Recruits
    7.4.1 All recruits should wear their proper recruit community tag [og] while on any [OG] and allied server.
    7.4.2 While you are wearing the [OG] recruits tag you are responsible for your actions in regards to the [OG] rules of appropriate conduct. If it comes to the attention of [OG] that you disobey those rules your recruitment may be withdrawn.
    7.4.3 As a recruit of [OG] you are responsible to assist in enforcing the [OG] rules while in [OG] servers. If an admin or [OG] member is in the server let them handle the problems within reason.

    Article 8
    Community Wars

    8.1 Treat other community members and opponents with respect. Aswell on forums as in wars, a member behaves himself when speaking to another member or the opponent.
    8.2 With signing up for wars counts: First come First serve.
    8.3 One member is the War-Leader and explains the tactics on Teamspeak, the rest of the team notifies the team about the whereabouts of the opponent, and otherwise the member is quiet. Don't suggest new tactics during the war, do this afterwards on Teamspeak or on the forums
    8.4 A member should behave himself during a community war. The member is supposed to be quiet on Teamspeak so the war leaders can give orders and people can concentrate. Do not offend the other community by using in-game chat by, for example, writing 'n00bs'. If they start to offend [OG], don't write anything back and let the war leader deal with this. [OG] wants to have, keep and maintain a good reputation in the community scene as a sportive and friendly community. If someone does offend the other community, this could have consequences for future community wars and / or their membership of the community. The members should not swear or scream when they die in-game.
    8.5 [OG] aims at a wide audience, but we strive to have an elite squad for all games. Try to game on this level.
    8.6 Only the war arrangers are allowed to challenge or accept challenges from other communities.

    Article 9

    9.1 It is considered abuse of admin when the admin in question makes use of his/her power without justified reason or cause. It is not considered admin abuse when this is done to someone in a joking manner and the person subjected deems it as such.
    9.2 The uncap area is defined as the area in which people or an area in which the opposing team has no intended access. This area is symbolized by a circle with a slash through it.
    9.3 AFK or Away From Keyboard is defined as going away from your keyboard without legitimate reason and/or without informing and admin of your reasoning, i.e. typing brb, afk, etc and Regardless of reason you may get kicked for being AFK at any time.
    9.4 Spamming is defined as making use of communications types in excessive amounts in such that it detracts from the enjoyment of the game by other persons. This can be done through voice chat, text chat, or automated voice. or hand signals. The only time this is acceptable is if an admin is trying to relay a message to an offender.
    9.5 Cheating/Hacking is defined as employing a program that performs an operation or function that would normally be performed by a human player. Allowing others to play on your account to gain rank and scores is also considered a form of cheating.
    9.6 Exploiting is defined as making use of something in game that was not intended by the game developers or making use of a glitch that would alter game play in a manner that would give an individual an advantage over another through any means other than skill or acceptable tactics.
    9.7 Camping is defined as a person or persons cutting off the opposing teams route out of their area. In the instance that there is more than one exit the opposing team cannot camp both exits.
    9.8 Proper [OG] Name is defined as the name that is visible on the official [OG] roster located on the community pages. The only additions that you may have to your proper name is to signify something that could impact the game such as something that would impair your hearing should an admin as you a question. Your given rank, squad tags or anything otherwise approved by the Community Leaders.
    9.9 An alias is defined as a name that the majority of people would not know you as.

    Article 10
    Proper Rule Offender Procedures

    10.1 Offender Evidence Procedures
    When someone is suspected of hacking a screen shot should be taking. You can do this by pressing the 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard. You may also use Fraps to record video of the offender. Be as discrete as possible when dealing with a suspected hacker as they might change their behavior. After this evidence is collected send the information to the Cheat and Abuse admin for review.