View Full Version : Alexzandru Cropped PBSS and 52% headshot ratio with assault

2013-06-03, 23:56

also 3 PBSS on myanmar

2013-06-04, 01:18
did you ban him SkinnyG :D

2013-06-04, 08:36
I dont think Skinny can ban him without been in the game. Only RPG can solve this problem out.

2013-06-06, 07:26
I managed to find him on OG6 in the admin tool and banned him 99999.
I have to check with RPG how to perm ban him, because I have not yet found a way yet to perm ban (and let it show in the admin tool banlist, because he does not show now) someone who is not actually in game when I ban him.

Also, I will make a post on how to report.
The fact you do it is very helpfull, but for records sake I need a little more info, and preferably a saved copy of the PBSS. The screenshots are overwritten when a maximum number is reached.

I will post a simple format including an example later today.

Thanks for reporting!

EDIT: edited the subject to show the players name for easy finding through the forum search.

2013-06-07, 08:52
OK BAUSS Skinny... next time with much more info about the cheaters ;)

2013-06-10, 19:48