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    2016 - New build

    Hi guys

    Im busy building a new PC. I have the basics sorted (i7 6700k, ASUS maximus V111 Alpha MB, GTX970 - probably times 2) but i want to water cool the thing (just for the hell of it). Ive got the watercooling block for the gpu but havent got one for the CPU. What i really could do with some advice on is what reservoir / pump to use as there seems to be a wide variety out there and i have no idea which are any good. I really want a cylindrical reservoir (simply because i think they look cool!) but if any of you have any advice that would be fantastic.

    I also havent decided on a case yet - its obviously going to need to be big enough to contain a custom water loop and a pretty sizable radiator, so if you have any thoughts also let me know.

    Thanks guys

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    please use EK waterblocks! they have figured the combination off metals out and have the best blocks reasonably priced!

    For case i would look @ corsair or something simular. corsair 750D looks nice has a lot of space and is made for watercoolers!

    And i would go for two amd 480's instead of 970's you get the same performance but for half the price! The money you safe there can end up in your pocket or better watrercooling

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    Hi Ken!

    Does it run Battlefield 1?

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    I hope so, Frank, although it wont be built until the end of the year at the earliest, so ill just have to wait and play BF1 on my existing PC! Im busy buying the bits and pieces little by little when i can afford them - Ive got the MB, CPU and GPU already but the water cooling stuff is turning out to be quite pricy. Im going to follow Cavemans advice around EK blocks, but the rest of the water circuit is still a bit of a mystery to me. Its turning out to be more of a mission that i originally thought and last night i started considering just scrapping the whole idea. Today im back thinking about doing it but who knows where ill end up? Wish it wasnt quite so complicated! But then if it were easy it probably wouldnt be worth doing. Steep learnign curve.

    I managed to play a couple of hours of the BF1 beta today which was nice, although im seriously snowed under at work with travel, and have just come back from a few weeks vacation.

    My initial impressions are good although i find the map quite boring. Still it feels a lot more like battlefield than battlefront did, where i just got killed without understanding where it was coming from.

    Speak soon

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    All done and working fine. At about 60% with BF1 maxed out! Doesn't make me a better player, though, i still completely suck.

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