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    PAYDAY 2 Update 25 Changelog

    We are now live with the Free-to-Play weekend and the PAYDAY franchise discounts.

    We are soon ready with Update 25 which includes the Election Day heist and more.

    Here are some of the highlights of update 25 along with the changelog.

    The Election Day Heist
    The Election Day Heist is the third free heist update to PAYDAY 2. It allows heisters to take on the new contract called Election Day from the corrupt politician the Elephant.

    A Free Pistol Weapon
    The Chimano Custom pistol is also added for free to anyone who joins the Official PAYDAY 2 Community group on Steam.

    A Big Stealth Update
    Changes to the stealth are introduced to further improve gameplay. Special thanks to the PAYDAY community for their continued feedback and support. Read more about the stealth changes below.

    Moving Cable Tied Civilians
    Nothing says “I own you” more than having a controllable hostage. As soon as you’ve subdued and zip tied a civilian, you’ll be able to tell them to follow you around by interacting with them.

    Whenever the situation demands it, you can interact with the hostage again and they’ll lie down on the spot.

    Stealth Reward System
    Finishing a heist in stealth will award you with an EXP boost. That boost will then apply to the next contract you choose; you can spend it on any job, stealthable or not, but only on the next contract.

    You can obtain the EXP boost again by completing a heist in stealth at any given time. The stealth bonus stacks through the days, so a full three day successful stealth will be greater than one successful stealth day and one failed, but you’ll still get a bonus.

    Skill Changes
    The Spotter skill replaces the Smooth Talker skill, the Camera Loop skill replaces the Lucky Charm skill and the Cleaner skill has been reworked.

    Everyone Gets One Body Bag By Default
    The title says it all. Bain heard you like body bags, so he decided to give one to every one of you.

    Ghosts Get One Additional Body Bag
    The Cleaner skill will give The Ghost one additional body bag, two in total.

    Ghosts Also Get the Body Bag Asset
    Ever wanted to share your body bags with your crew so you can stealth together? This asset, linked to the Cleaner skill, is perfect for Hitmen and their gang members. With this skill the Ghost can buy a body bag asset which contains three body bags. This asset is placed on a predetermined spot, and will be accessible for everyone in your crew, including yourself.

    Mastermind Get the Spotter Asset
    The Spotter is a new stealth asset. He is similar to Ilija the Sniper and stays hidden somewhere off the map, but instead of killing guards and law enforcers, he’ll spot and highlight them for you and your crew.

    The Dominator Skill and the New Alarm Pager Operators
    Every player with the Dominator skill can now dominate one guard each at the same time. But apparently the old pager operators got fired, and more experienced operators are taking over. So clear your throats, and get ready to answer the pager as soon as you dominate a guard.

    We’ve Balanced the Spawning Guard Patrols
    The spawning patrol guards will still appear, but we’ve balanced the time interval based on the heist difficulty. Also, Bain has promised to be more observant regarding the patrols, so he’ll let you know whenever they send in new guards and roughly when they’ll arrive.

    10 New Achievements To Unlock
    Heisters can now enjoy 10 new and challenging achievements.

    New Team VO
    We’ve given the PAYDAY gang more voice lines.

    Changelog for Update 25:

    • Changed the change
    • Fixed an issue where the numbers were wrong on the Heat system
    • The legend has been updated

    • Tweaked the amount of guards on every map and difficulty
    • Fixed an issue with the navigation graph on Watchdogs day two
    • Fixed a hole in the backdrop on Big Oil day two
    • Fixed a hole on the Nightclub
    • Fixed an issue where guards on Framing Frame day three would break the stealth
    • Fixed an issue where the Grenade Case Asset would not show up on the Train Heist
    • Tweaked the amount of bags required on Firestarter day one on Death Wish difficulty
    • Fixed an issue where law enforcers would walk through the shutters on Framing Frame day two
    • Tweaked the Point of No Return time on all Escapes when playing on the Death Wish difficulty
    • Fixed an issue where civilians would sit in the air on Diamond Store
    • Fixed an issue where law enforcers would not climb a ladder on Watch Dogs day two
    • Fixed an issue where law enforcers would grab bags through a wall
    • Fixed an issue where players could use the electricity room as an exploit on Firestarter day three
    • Fixed an issue where players could use the theatre as an exploit on Big Oil day two
    • Fixed an issue where the player could fall out of the world because of the van on Jewelry Store and Ukrainian Job

    • The alarm pager will go off when a guard has been dominated

    • Made some cosmetic changes to the TAB-screen. You can now see how many body bags you're carrying

    • Updated the SWAT shield punch animation for the Iron Man skill
    • Updated the reload animation on some Assault Rifles
    • Added additional animations for the Cloaker

    • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred if a grenade exploded while quitting the game

    • Added footstep sounds for the Bulldozer

    Over the coming days we will include more updates that will improve on the stealth gameplay further. Stay tuned!

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    Payday 2 will be free to play for a weekend, and 60% discount on purchases!

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    I see in steam store that Payday2 and all doc's are 67% discount.
    Payday 1 is on 80% discount.

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    Will you come outside and play Terje?

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    Looks like I will drop by tomorrow Â*
    Or later today.
    I will give you the intel when I`m there Â*

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    Alright game on!

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