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View Poll Results: Should we add other mods and start over on the OG minecraft server?

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    A fresh start for the OG minecraft server

    There are hundreds of mods available for Minecraft. Some add minor stuff to the vanilla game, other mods create a whole new experience which can barely be compared to the vanilla version.

    The current world on the OG server is already running some mods like buildcraft and railcraft.
    Adding new mods is not always possible because they alter the biomes or/and new blocks. That means that to find the new resources you 'd have to travel long distances to discover fresh undiscovered chunks. Other mods like furniture craft only add new recipes and can be added without any problems.

    I would like to suggest a fresh start/new world seed so that we can add new mods to spice it up a little.
    Add your list of mods you would like to see added to the new world so that we can try them out.
    After trying them out we can evaluate and make a decision on which mods to add.

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    Re: A fresh start for the OG minecraft server

    My selection was made with the intention of adding some more nature stuff to our minecraft server without being overwhelming

    My list of recommended mods

    - Natura (extra trees, bushes, flowers, more types wood)
    - Extra Biomes (more diverse biomes)
    - forestry (auto farming, beekeeping, bio fuel, tin/copper ore)
    - railcraft (more rails)
    - buildcraft (automation)
    - backpack (tool mod)

    I will post a video later of my minecraft world with the mentioned mods

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    Re: A fresh start for the OG minecraft server

    I did decide to vote, even tho I don't rly play anymore.
    Restarting a sever with more things to do is always a good thng in my eyes.

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    Re: A fresh start for the OG minecraft server

    NO way just spent a shitload of time setting up this world and building shit. Felt a bit strange cause the other world just got abandoned.
    Starting up all over again is an absolute nogo for me.

    We started with this server with the 2 mods on there and if you wanna ad mods discus it.
    There is a skybridge that can bring you 10/20.000 blocks away to bring you new biomes. That is what minecraft is all about.
    So put your trainstation/system to work and make the pussies that play easycraft quit ftb. So we can have some proper fun.

    Edit: also i want only mods that are properly maintainted. So when ever minecraft got updated we can updated pretty quickly. Cause minecraft is being completly rewritten and works way better.

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    Re: A fresh start for the OG minecraft server

    i want mystcraft mod- makes use of traveling to new dimensions and finding random worlds there,easy to use
    * * * * bibliocraft mod and the forestry edition(same stuff but adds recipes for the other types of wood)- adds a number of blocks used to display items, such as Shelves and Bookcases. Most of these blocks allow quick and easy access to the items displayed on them, making them an excellent way to keep oft-used items near to hand while simultaneously freeing up storage space for things that are not needed as often.
    Aether mod also is very interesting with the new portal and the floating islands,with new random boss fights that we might find
    its gonna make minecraft allot more fun

    And so with this mod we wont need a restart,since i can go to different worlds,making resources will be easy and fun adventuring, plus the chunks behind the server spawn point haven't been discovered yet,so we can still find things that are fairly close to the village

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    Re: A fresh start for the OG minecraft server

    This morning Caveman, Omulet and I tested extra mods with the current world. We went back to the original spawnpoint and travelled into the other direction which was still undiscovered. After appr. 800-1000 blocks we reached a new biome with all the new trees, bushes and flowers. In the npc vilage we found 2 appiaries (hive to keep bees) and some wild hives.
    Omulet found the new ores (copper and tin) in the vicinity, which are added by and required for Forestry.
    Caveman has also tested the Sphax texturepack for the added mods and most blocks are supported.

    Apparently we can have best of both worlds; *keep the current world and add the mods to enhance our gameplay.

    If anyone has any suggestions for mods post them here, so we can test them.

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    Re: A fresh start for the OG minecraft server

    i say yes to more mods

    i like the industrial mod and the heli mod but that is more to make a BF minecraft

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    Re: A fresh start for the OG minecraft server

    I wanted to suggest the complete opposite ...

    I love to play Minecraft, Vanilla that is. But Singleplayer is boring as hell so I don't play it at all, just watch a ton of youtube about minecraft. Now, isn't it possible to have a vanilla server next to the mod-server? I know for a short period we had one and I played it but then it disappeared.

    If anyone would be able to set this up, I'd love it and play on it weekly again (and I would finally have a game to play with the gf). I'll setup a spawn town and what not for whenever someone else wants to join in


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    Re: A fresh start for the OG minecraft server

    That's easy to setup.
    But vanilla-vanilla, that's it? No special commands etc.

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    Re: A fresh start for the OG minecraft server

    No way there will be much more mods, like i said before our mod server is agreed on to be as close as possible to vanilla. So no teleporting flying god knows what else you want. That is the idea behind minecraft. :idea: *:idea: *We still have tons of unfinished projects and bees and amazing trees so plenty of stuff to do. :lol:

    And like i said not well maintained mods will never make it. When forge goes stable for 1.7.2 i want our server to be 1.7.2 because it performs way better and will have a bunch of new things as well. :!:

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