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    New perban of aWe_cheesus

    This guy just got 20 days left on his permban ? I think you have to look it over again.

    You managed to permban Platoonxx but not aWe_cheesus

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    Re: New perban of aWe_cheesus

    I'll look into it Frankie!

    ## edit, fixed it!

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    Re: New perban of aWe_cheesus

    Good Frank ! He was trying to logg in on server #2 this evening.

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    Re: New perban of aWe_cheesus

    He┤s still playing on server #2 this evening ???

    He┤got a tempban och a permban but still playing. He must have a strong account or the force is strong in him...

    An still use this "pls stfu niggerfucker"

    I think i found the problem . Nossi permbanned him for one hour yesterday.

    It maybe works better if you use the normal procon and his Ea guid ?

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    Re: New perban of aWe_cheesus

    I don't know Frank, I'll ask Nossi.

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    Re: New perban of aWe_cheesus

    Hi guys

    I noticed the issues and fixed it. (Hope you guys don't mind)
    If metabans is still active on our servers he should be banned.
    I banned him on my metabans account witch is followed by the OG account.
    I thought 50 years should do? ┬*:P

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    Re: New perban of aWe_cheesus

    I do not know if this is how we will solve the problem. Saro is working on a solution, I would think. However, it was a nice initiative from you
    but I think you need to check with staff group before you do something similar

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    Re: New perban of aWe_cheesus

    k, will do next time.
    In my experience we always permanently get rid of those kind of people,.
    Therefore i thought i was doing the right thing.
    Best regards Jimmy ;-D

    When u ever got a question please ask!
    If u ever need help /support look me up on TeamSpeak, i got too much time on my hands and really like too help out where ever i can. * ;-)

    Reminder to the players that have a game for wich we have server(s) don't forget too hop on a empty OG server whenever you can to help fill them up, many thanks in advance. ;-)

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    Re: New perban of aWe_cheesus

    Talked to Saro about it today and he fixed a small problem in the ban. ┬*The one you did Jim didnt worked.
    He was on server 2 earlier today i kicked him and tempbanned him. Hope is gone now.

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