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Thread: ToeCutter28

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    1. ToeCutter28
    2. US #7 Damavand Peak Rush
    3. Racism
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    6. Permanent Ban.

    This players name used to be kevingarner.
    He always says racist thing in the server and after getting temp banned so much he changed his name to this.
    I finally got a screenshot of him saying.
    I get several complaints every week about this player saying racist things and being verbally abusive and disrespectful to other players.

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    Re: ToeCutter28

    Post the screenshot here and lets give this guy a perm.

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    Re: ToeCutter28

    Iīve banned him. Letīs see for how long. My permbans seems to work for a month.

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    Re: ToeCutter28

    +1 TOTALLY disrespectfull player time after time can a staff please PERMBAN him on his GUID and IP!
    Raitek can you PM me his GUID and IP when he is online again so we can get rid of him FOREVER.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards Jimmy ;-D

    When u ever got a question please ask!
    If u ever need help /support look me up on TeamSpeak, i got too much time on my hands and really like too help out where ever i can. * ;-)

    Reminder to the players that have a game for wich we have server(s) don't forget too hop on a empty OG server whenever you can to help fill them up, many thanks in advance. ;-)

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