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Thread: saying HI

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    saying HI

    Hello, my name is bobz. Also known as bart... I was asked by Vercetti a couple of times to join. So I am checking you guys out, sort of speak... *8O
    I've heard that most guys (maybe even everyone...) are 18+, that suits me well... Since I just had my 33rd birthday.
    Also showing off my new sig I am workin on. Hope you guys like it. B.T.W. those other 4 (empty) buttons are meant for O.G. promotion, website and maybe a link to the bookmarkpage.
    Any ideas would be helpfull...

    greetzzz Bobzzz

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    Re: saying HI

    Welcome to the website.

    I Hope you come and join the clan. Feel free to ask any questions and if your satisfied with the answers. Fill in the jion us form and voila! You're in. (Suject to the bosses approval)

    Hope to see you on the Battlefield. LLOG.

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    Re: saying HI

    Hey dude, welcome again!

    Show us the signature!!!! :-)

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    Re: saying HI

    It's not showing for some reason...
    So I am showing you this it this way.

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    Re: saying HI

    Looks very nice!
    4 buttons for OG promotoin:

    - OG website (
    - OG Teamspeak
    - OG Server details
    - OG Join Now (link to forum topic Join Us!)


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    Re: saying HI

    Ola Bobz,

    Welcome to our site, your sig looks nice indeed.
    I would like to see you join the team and hope to play with you soon.
    Enjoy your stay!

    Grtz SMuNT

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    Re: saying HI

    links would be usefull...

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    Re: saying HI

    Ok, will start to work on it now :-)

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    Re: saying HI


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    Re: saying HI

    - OG website

    - OG Teamspeak

    - OG Server details
    komt nog!

    - OG Join Now (link to forum topic Join Us!)

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