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  • New website!

    So, here it is (finally).
    After having the license laying around for over a year, the theme finished for over a year we finally moved the website from the ancient PHP-Nuke Evolution Extreme (That's a mouth full) (that's what she said), to vBulletin. For the geeks: We have decided to move to version 4.2.2 instead of 5.x, because the lack of the availability of mods for version 5.x.
    We were able to move the entire database, which is pretty cool.

    So what's new?
    - A stable (hopefully mostly) bugfree website
    - A faster website
    - A better looking website
    - Mobile integration (download tapatalk app)
    - Responsive webdesign
    - Teamspeak group integration (see FAQ
    - Other neat features like a membermap, better photo albums

    There is still a lot of work to be done, forum ranks etc. have to be set but hopefully we can finish this the next days.