View Full Version : Inactive because my Graphics Card died

2014-12-16, 21:23
Hey guys,

Playing Farcry 4 last friday evening and suddenly got a black screen and cooling fans went on full trhottle :(
This isn't the first time with this type of card (MSI Geforce 780 Lightning) exactly one year ago i had the same experience.
So i send it back to the shop and have to wait for a new one.

Greetings Jan ...... bo :cool:

2014-12-17, 05:36
So you are waiting for a new 290X now?:rolleyes:

2014-12-17, 05:59
i expected that one Cave :D, but no ... i buy a GTX980 oc, i am sorry to say ... but .... it's faster and better then the 290

2014-12-17, 12:01
See you soon :p