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2014-02-17, 14:20
Hello dear OG Community,

Yesterday the 16.02(on the evening) *i got banned on your DayZ Server. My Name is *VenoM.

Why I got banned?
This is easy and now when i can think over it it was a real fault that i made it...
I was whining because some Player killed me and so on...
The other reason was Mature gameplay but sorry i dont know what it is...

Maybe a Server rule broke?
-Whining and Mature gameplay
And how I said after I could think of it was a really fault and I want to say sorry
I would really like to Play on the Server...

On which Server i got banned?
I got banned on your DayZ Server.

Date and hour you got banned on
On the 16.02.2014 at 23:00 o clock(GMT)

If possible name of moderator/admin issuing the ban
I dont know sorry..

Reason why we should lift your ban
I´m really sorry I had a bad day and then there was this Situation and then yeah... it was very shit from me.
Im very sorry and i want to excuse me to all the admins and Players.
If you lift my ban I will be a better Player and will not whining again
And if it would be possible please explain what Mature gameplay is.

Thanks for reading.

Greetings *VenoM

2014-02-17, 16:10
Hi Venom,

This ban appeal ended up in the wrong game section (Battlefield Play4Free).

I will move it to the DayZ section of the forum.
The DayZ section does not have a Bans and complaints section, but I am sure your request will be dealt with nonetheless!

Good luck!

2014-02-17, 16:15
Oh okey sorry that i posted it there...

Thanks ;D

2014-02-17, 23:01
Well, that's a real story...

I'm giving you another chance to play on our server. But I think you should really try to follow the server rules, most important are:
- Respect other players and admins
- Admins decision is final
- No raging/flaming/whining
- Don't spawn-kill bambies (new players on the server)

And whenever you feel like you are going to rage, just disconnect and come back when you're calm enough...
This happens to all of us at some time, and DayZ is an overwhelming game in some situations.

So you're welcome to whenever you want! And if you have any questions, please ask us!