View Full Version : 25th December special

2013-12-17, 17:21
Donít forget to log in to the game on 25th December to unpack your special holiday gift!

And the special of today is Churchill III Soviet Tier V Heavy Tank 50% Off (Premium Tank)

December has arrived and with it comes the holiday season! Later this month, we will be kicking off our huge end of year celebrations. Until that time, we thought we would get you all in the mood for the festivities by having a Winter Surprise Calendar for our Premium Shop!

Each day, check in to find out what the special offer of the day is! Look forward to some great deals but be warned Ė theyíll only be around for a day each!

The Winter Surprise Calendar begins on December 1st and will run every day until December 24th. It will change each day in the morning. If there is a special vehicle you have been looking out for an offer on, you may be in luck!

2013-12-18, 11:19
Nice, need to log in to my account to get that tank. Already have bunch of free tanks.

2013-12-18, 16:58
Free stuff is always nice and welcome ¬*:twisted: