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2013-12-08, 23:03
Hey Girls and Guys... *With Permission by Vercetti "Frank" . I've been allowed to post this here.

Some of my old Pals from OG.

Long time no see.

Could anyone or some of many of you do me a favour.

I've recently started a New Youtube Channel, after years of watching other people do videos. I've finally got the nerve to give it a bash myself. *as a part hobby in between work.

Basically the Youtube Channel is based upon Gameplay, Commentaries, Video Logs, Soon to be Streams... *on a PC or PS4 Nature.
Games Ranging from RPG, RTS, FPS, Horror (although i hate those I'll play them for pure entertainment of my viewers), Garry's Mod, Minecraft etc. (will do any suggestions if need be by the viewers)

So far After 1 week of *Recording, Editing and Submitted the Few Videos So far *(5 to be exact) I've managed to get 12 Subscribers and over 112 Viewers, *and 51 Facebook Likes..

Help me achieve the goal of 100 subs for the time being.. until one day i get a few thousand...

Even considered teaming up with some of you from OG for Future Episodes with Friends...

All my videos include a Face-cam Video built in to help see the reactions as i play. *most of the games I'll be playing for the first time. so the reactions will be purely innocent. although I've played Minecraft for years.... Minus that one.

What i'm simply asking is. Visit my Facebook Page. *Give it a LIKE.. * *Visit my Youtube Channel Give it a Subscribe.

Follow my videos if you have time. comment on them... *give me advice. and things to do. help me build a Subscriber base that will keep me going.

and above all spread the word let *friends or family who maybe Interested know....



Facebook Page : *http://www.facebook.com/EnchaJiniPlays

Youtube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/EnchaJiniPlays

Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/enchajini

Cheers for you're time Reading.

hope to hear from you

EnchaJini - Mat

2013-12-08, 23:09
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