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2013-12-01, 02:52
Hi Folks

Here a little update

1. Playename or wrather a link to battlelog profile.
2. please gather info from the admin tool, anti cheat websites:
2.1 http://bf3stats.com/v
2.2 http://cheatometer.hedix.de/
2.3 http://www.team-des-fra.fr/CoM/bf3.php?PHPSESSID=7c865b183a5e53eae352a910845ae35c&p=n7yse
2.4 http://i-stats.net/index.php?action=pcheck&player=&game=BF3&sub=Check+Player
2.5 http://metabans.com/
2.6 for this one you need an account; http://history.anticheatinc.com/on
2.7 OG admin panel: http://oldguys.eu/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=7628
2.8 (sign up and PM C4B4nossi with your EXACT ingame-name)
3. what server did it occour?
4. time and date including timezone.
5. reason why banned and Your recommended ban length.

2013-12-01, 10:54
You probably mean well but this is all way too elaborate. I'm not going to follow some complicated legal procedure each time it's necessary to kick or ban some idiot from an OG server. The reason is this: my gaming time is limited and I refuse to let players that misbehave (and there are many) soak up too much of it by forcing me to admin.

Yesterday I was trying out the new admin tool and I noticed a player report. One player reported another for being abusive which shows up in the new tool. I checked the chat and the guy was still on the server using all sorts of offensive language with regards to gay people and Germany. Clicked the name, filled in 1440 min Tban and he was gone for 24h. Easy as that. Multiple players thanked the admin through game chat.

That is about all the time I'm willing to spend on other people being obnoxious. Filling in forms on ban register websites or explaining myself through forum posts and getting into pages long discussions with some of these fools are things I'm not going to bother with. Sorry if that breaks any clan rules but I'm just being honest here.

2013-12-01, 11:26
As a word of support for both Jim and Mack here, I think permabans should follow the procedure. But temporary bans, 60min and 24h like Mack did, should be at admin discretion.

Would there be a posibility for staff to make such or similar rule? That way Mack (and me and probably others) can help admining the servers and making them playable, reducing need for extra staff time. And for obvious permabans, there's still a legal procedure.

Unless there's something preventing this arrangement?

2013-12-02, 14:38
Every OG member have rights which allow him to perform temporary ban of unwanted individuals from OG servers. Cabanoshy installed new plugin with nice web face http://vps2.oldguys.eu/site/bf4admin/ so you can do lot of things from there.