View Full Version : Weekend Special: Thrill of the Hunt

2013-11-22, 10:02

Being in the midst of battle while shells fly above your head is definitely an adrenaline-packed experience. However, there are more subtle ways of making your heart beat faster with excitement. Brawling is good but nothing compares to the experience of hunting silently following your prey, anticipating its moves and then finally descending upon it when least expected to deliver the killer blow! If you share our passion for the thrill of the hunt, you definitely dont want to miss this special. Prep your favourite hunting tank and lie in wait for the following deals.

Triple Experience for the first victory of the day

Being an efficient hunter requires a lot of skill triple your experience for the first battle on any vehicle in your garage!

30% discount and a credit income bonus on the following standard tank destroyers

Tier VII T25/2 *
Tier VII T25 AT * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Tier VII AT 7 *
Tier VII Jagdpanther *
Tier VII AMX AC mle. 46 *
Tier VII SU-152 *
Tier VII SU-100M1 *
Tier VI M18 Hellcat *
Tier VI M36 Jackson *
Tier VI AT 8 *
Tier VI Churchill Gun Carrier *
Tier VI Jagdpanzer IV *
Tier VI ARL V39 *
Tier VI SU-100 *

50% discount on the premium tank destroyer
Tier III FCM 36 Pak 40
Get this small but deadly French Tier III Premium tank destroyer at half the price!

30% discount on the following premium tank destroyers

Tier VII AT 15A *
Tier VII SU-122-44 *
Tier VI Dicker Max *
Tier VI SU-100Y *

50% discount on camouflage patterns

Stealth is the key to a successful hunt apply some camouflage painting to your vehicle at a 50% discount (both gold and credit options)!


* * * * * * * Hunter Destroyer

Goal * * * * * Destroy 3 tank destroyers in one battle

Reward * * * * * 2,000 Crew Experience points

Conditions * Random Battles Only

*Please note that this mission does not have a limitation on how many times you can complete it as long as it is active and the goals are fulfilled, you can enjoy the reward!

You can enjoy these bonuses from Saturday 23rd November 2013 06:10 CET (GMT +1) until Tuesday 26th November 2013 06:00 CET.

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Interactive Special * * * * * * * * 30-50% discount and 50% bonus crew experience on the tech tree branch leading up to and including the KV-13

The hunt is on!