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2013-11-14, 09:58

If you have high-flying aspirations to touch the sky, but the closest youve come was jumping over a hill in your T2 light tank, then you now have reason to celebrate World of Warplanes has just been officially released!

After two years of development, were proud to introduce you to the newest member of our Wargaming family. Now that the Open Beta is behind us, you can safely give it a try and see what its like to battle not just on the ground but above it as well! Set in the golden era of World War II aviation, World of Warplanes places you in the cockpit of historical military aircraft from five nations with a massive fleet of over 100 airplanes to choose from.

Fly the legendary Spitfire, Messerschmitt or Chance-Vought Corsair and experience heated dog fights on over 10 gigantic maps located all across the world.

Thanks to the familiar setting, the same thrilling 15-vs-15 battle match ups and the Unified Premium Account sharing your gold and premium account status across both games, the transition from the ground to the air should be an easy one for you.

So whenever you feel like giving your tanks a rest, just head over to World of Warplanes and pick up your battle for (air) superiority there!

Download link : * *http://worldofwarplanes.eu/en/content/docs/update/

First Roll Out and then Get Airborne, Commanders!

2013-11-14, 16:22
Saw some reviews on this a while ago.

Warthunder is a much better flying game.

2013-11-14, 19:13
i played it 5 min after its laungh

war thunder is a better flying game for shure