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2013-10-19, 18:53
Gamespy is a multiplayer PC gaming portal. The editors try to be the most informative about the games they test, without being influenced by anybody related to the game development. They are real gamers, they are critical about the games they have to try. Thatís why their appreciation is very important for us, and confident for you, because they also heard playersí opinion.
The Gamespy Free agent is a category where they test one ¬*free-to-play game every week. The main parameter of their appreciation is the fun. But they also consider the money participation, studying the quality/price balance.
They rated World of Tanks with 3 stars of 5. This gives us the honor to be quoted on the website.
This week, their brave tester endeavored into terrible battles with slow tanks he didnít master. ¬*But, after more battles, like you, he understood:

ďVia explosion-based education, I eventually figured out that my light tank was virtually useless in combat, and best suited for scouting enemies for ally artillery players to bust.Ē

Afterwards he used the experience points and the credits earned to find the tank made for him. :
ďa relatively competent machine, running circles around larger tanks and dealing acceptable amounts of damageĒ
The Gamespy editors enjoyed their experience.
We want to thanks them a lot for involving so deeply in the game, and strongly recommend you to read the whole review :