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2013-10-18, 10:56

This special, weíre betting on total destruction. If youíre the type who likes to cruise around chipping away your opponentsí HP one chunk at a time, we suggest you take your silly pew-pew tank and dig it a nice and cozy little grave Ė this weekend itís the big guns that matter! Roll out in your meanest metal monstrosities and expect the following:

X3 Experience for the first victory of the day

Wreak havoc and reap triple the experience!

30% discount and 30% income bonus on the following standard vehicles:
VII M12 ¬*

VII Crusader 5.5-in. SP ¬*
VII G.W. Panther ¬*

VII Lorraine 155 mle. 50 ¬*
VII S-51 ¬*

VII T25 AT ¬*
VII AT 7 ¬*

VII Jagdpanther ¬*
VII AMX AC mle. 46 ¬*

VII SU-152 ¬*
VII IS-2 ¬*

VI M44 ¬*
VI FV304 ¬*

VI Hummel ¬*
VI AMX 13 F3 AM ¬*

VI SU-8 ¬*
VI M18 Hellcat ¬*

VI Churchill Gun Carrier ¬*
VI Jagdpanzer IV ¬*

VI ARL 44 ¬*
VI KV-1S ¬*

VI Type 58 ¬*

30% discount on the following premium tanks:
VI SU-100Y ¬*
VI Dicker Max ¬*

Up to 30% discount on Premium shells

High-caliber shells are expensive so use this opportunity to supply your vehicles at a discount!

50% discount on consumables

Shells will fly both ways - make sure that you have the means to fix your tank!


Alpha and Omega


Deal at least 2,000 points of damage and destroy at least 3 vehicles in one battle


30% Experience bonus


Random Battles Only

*Please note that this mission does not have a limitation on how many times you can complete it Ė as long as it is active and the goals are fulfilled, you will enjoy the reward!

You can enjoy these bonuses from Saturday 19th October 2013 07:10 CEST (GMT +2) until Tuesday 22nd October 2013 07:00 CEST.

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