View Full Version : My Enforcer Build

2013-09-16, 00:43

2013-09-16, 15:07
Fluggers uber build!

2013-10-15, 19:46
Well.. Did get bored of the slow enforcer.
So here we go http://www.pd2skills.info/profile/heyhey-4/

2013-10-15, 20:50
You also going ghost! Ha! :P

2013-10-16, 05:48
It is the way to go.
OVEKILL is making the enforcer less and less usful.
The enforcer is so slow this days. A bulldoser can out run the enforcer.
And what is the point of using that uber armor that the enforcer have when just a few shoots from a street cop will eat that armor away..
I did try difrent layouts on the skills.
Used like 20mill spending cash before I came up whit this build.
Did test enforcer whit saw and c4 but its hard to get away whit that slow build.
So I whent for sneaky sneaky Â*:D

2013-10-16, 17:10
Well together in a team it might be useful I think because of larger ammo packs and useful Saw in some missions.
But yes atm enforcer does have a bit more negative points then positive, but they are working on skill changes and other also.

A new training tier also will come together with lvl cap raise.