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2013-09-15, 01:55
hey OG guys. I *have a problem with TS3. When I connected with TS3 OG rooms I *saw just it but a lot of players is online in TS Â*http://www.part.lt/img/2837c902ca71a400d2482e25a87caece136.png (http://www.part.lt/perziura/2837c902ca71a400d2482e25a87caece136.png) . can anyone help me?

2013-09-15, 07:44
Sure, i use ts.oldguys.eu
Password : oldguys

U can also click on the text above de ts lay-out on the home page, But make sure that u have the rights to move U self :)
Btw u look like Chuck Norris :D

2013-09-15, 08:00
That is indeed it.

You connected to ts3.oldguys.eu (notice the "3" after "ts"), which is the backup TS server.
If the normal TS server is up, you will not find anybody hanging out in the backup :wink:

Use ts.oldguys.eu!

2013-09-15, 13:24
tnx SkinnyG. it helped Â*:)