View Full Version : Stopping by to say hello

2013-06-16, 13:36
I've not been around for a long, long time. And most of you probably don't even remember me. But I thought I'd get on here and say hi, let you all know I've been doing great ( graduating from uni a month from now ). Hope you've all been doing well too. Bet you're still one of the better communities out there!

Thank you for all the good times back when, even if I was only a member for a month or two.

2013-06-16, 18:45
End of Uni, that means you're coming back then? Â*:wink:

2013-07-01, 21:02
Already have a job lined up, and working on my driver's license, so it'll take some time until I can actually come back, but I'm considering it :)

2013-07-03, 08:58
How you doing?