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2012-08-27, 17:04
Hi All,

As you might have known, the website had been quite slow for a very long time.

Finally after some consulting with the hoster, it's way faster now. They tried to look as if the issue was on our end, however if we look at the performance graphs, you can see that something changed server side, as we didn't change anything on our end. Notice the drop in CPU usage (overview is from the last 30 days). The server there seemed to be to weak before, but now it's fixed.


2012-08-27, 17:44
I'll say, it's WAY faster.

2012-08-27, 20:41
It certainly is, but is there any possiblity of makes the site more mobile friendly? Like without the switching backgrounds ,facebook-like-bar-thing and the flash animation at the top? Like a theme people can set in there profile if they are planning on mobile visits ,or just a mobile version of the site? :D

2012-08-27, 22:19
Big improvement indeed! Nice goin'

2012-08-28, 05:43
Cool :) cheers.

2012-08-28, 14:08
another account on the server was probably causing the huge server load and was moved to another server, loads faster for me as well!

2012-08-28, 21:39
I think it was Caveman that has been gradually assembling a bot net who's only goal is to refresh the old guys website in order to make it run slower and therefore bolster his argument that the site should be hosted in Europe.

Im going to label this series of events 'cavegate' Â*:twisted: Â*:twisted: Â*:twisted:

2012-10-12, 14:54
the website has been really slow for me the last few days!

2012-10-14, 10:39
nice goodjob weldone ^^