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2012-04-29, 08:01
Hey everyone.

A while ago I met this guy hab1b12 on one of our BF3 servers. Friendly chap and a good player. He recently started a website called Gamersportal.com and asked me if I could help him get the word out about it.

Se here it is: http://gamersportal.com/

In a nutshell, it's a pretty neat site that makes it easy for gamers to interact and communicate. It also allows smaller gaming communities organize events between themselves as well as making their existence known in the gaming world.

After singing up on the site, I found a group of friendly French Canadians gamers that I would probably never have met otherwise.

On last thing, the guy is self-employed, and he put in a lot of effort and time in the making of the site. I think he deserves credit and attention for it.

2012-04-29, 08:22
Will definitely check it out.

Errrm where is the register button?

2012-04-29, 08:40

2012-04-29, 09:09
Just to deflect anyone who wants to question my intelligence - i did not at the time have any option to create an account.

I do now - thanks.

wow awesome site!!

I've created Old Guys Gaming on there - please message me when you've signed up and i'll add you to the clan.

2012-04-29, 09:20
Don't worry iNco, your intelligence remains unquestioned; immediately after I posted the image, the option also disappeared for me. I opened the site with another browser and it reappeared.

2012-04-29, 10:53
I'm on it. Need invite for clan :)

2012-04-29, 12:37
Nice site! I registered.

2012-04-29, 12:46
sent to both shadow and yepp3r although i have now set the clans status to open so anyone can join

2012-04-29, 20:44
I´m there and totaly lost as usual :lol:

2012-04-30, 12:13
Same, but the site looks good! :)