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2012-04-14, 16:03
Hi Guys, heres a list of possible squad names for our very own Squadron of C&C *Bases.

Please feel free to add any others you think suitable.

Then we will make up our minds which one fits our style of play:

OG Warlords
OG Raiders
OG Forever
OG Battlegroup
OG Enforcers
OG Alpha 1
Legion Of OG
OG Titans
The Claws of OG
OG Revolutionarys
OG Tigers
OG PowerLords
The OG Sentinals
OG Elite
OG Team Elite
The OG Nightstalkers
The OG Raptors
OG Kingdom Alliance

2012-04-14, 17:14
Ok, Since I have Joined MI-6s OG gamers Alliance in server 11, *for now, we keep the above names ready, for when we might like to expand, *and make a second Unit, * which a lot of Alliances tend to do when there numbers are maxed out. theres only a certain number of soldiers any one alliance can hold, well there was, when I first started this.

I will Start to give a Guide for our members, *Starting with Screenshots of my Own two base Structures thats in my Alliance in World Server 4

I will Explain, how or why I have done or placed certain items. *What they do, and how to support your team mates.

(Z) * (always short for Zeroassault007)


2012-04-14, 22:57
Ok Guys, I taken this evening to start showing you An Estashblised base In full Operation, *namely My own.

There is three Screenshots in this Overview, Tonight, I will cover The Main Complex of your base:


Starting *with top line of Info, is *the available resources, here we can see I have 47k Tib, 100k blue tib, 377k power stored, and finally
4.475Million credits. Further to the right of this is the name of the base, In this case it has two arrows, because I can select my other base from within this one.

Underneath that is Base level, which stands at 13.79 nearly level 14. *But its very important to note, that Although a level 14 base seems low, its the Defence and offensive capabilties, thats more important, Dont be fooled into thinking an enemy of level 12-13 is a pushover, it may well surprise you 8O

To the right of that, we have three red cubes, these represent how many slots are available for more structures, depending on level of construction yard. *Its common sometimes, when you don't really need a certain structure,you can sell it for I believe 90% of its value. *You will see, some structures below become available now.

going further down the right side of screen is a box with a green mark and an arrow on it. * This is a transfer of resources from another base you own, Clicking this, brings up your other base, and you can transfer resources *from it into the base, handy if you run out of the Blue Tib for repairs.

Now we move to the left hand of the screen. *At very top, is my rank, in this case Staff sergeant, And if Im in an Alliance, it will show as it does, RDA Reapers. *If you run your mouse over the rank, it will tell you how much time, points to next rank.

Below that is the main window to operate your base.

First is Command points CPs, As you can see, I have 64, But the maximum amount I can store is 150, So why is it not 100 like Most others? *The simple answer is connected to the very small (F) sign against the + signs. F stands For Funds. *The large green F at bottom of that info reads 2,568. *Thats 2,568 battlefunds, just the same you use in BFP4F to purchase upgrades or Boosts.

you can either Buy some more Command points, or increase your maximum storage of them, the storage max is only for 7 days, but this might change. *Skipping the other two entries for now, *We come to the little parachute that says 26.

These are called Supply points, and the amount you get in an hour is set. * But as you get promoted The amount of SPs An hour Increase. * Supply points can not be bought, You should try never to completly use them all if possible. *Again on the right side, is the maximum SPs I can Store for use. *Its 320, because of My rank.

You can not use command points unless you have at least 10 Supply points

You can not Buy Command points either, Until you have at least 10 SPs that you can transfer to the top Command Points amount available to use.

Back to the middle data I said we go back too, is:

Your Credits: * 4.475 million * *these are used to purchase new units for offensive and defence actions.
Below that is Research points: I have *5.766Million points.

Research points Are gained each time you go into a battle, wether fogotten bases or an enemy.

Now go to the very top of your screen and click "Research", You will find 3 tabs Offensive, defensive, Special.
If you have enough research points for a particular unit, it will be bright blue, press reseach to aquire that unit. specials include An MCV for your second base, Ion cannon support And falcon Air support.

this covers most aspects of the home base, but *feel free to ask anything your not sure about.

Sundays *Guide will Show you how to set up a Cracking defence, again using A Screenshot

Monday I will Show you a typical Offensive Screenshot of a level 18 fogotten base, with my attack force in the formation, that I believe will do the most damage, but take the least hits.

thats all for now, hope you have enjoyed learning about your base and its interfaces.

ZeroAssault007 * * (Taylor-Nova)

2012-04-14, 23:40
OG Command Alpha
OG Command Bravo
OG Command Charlie
OG Command Delta

OG Company Alpha
OG Company Bravo
OG Company Charlie
OG Company Delta

Old Guys Alpha
Old Guys Bravo
Old Guys Charlie
Old Guys Delta


2012-04-15, 00:12
Hiys, yes, thats a good way of using the phonetic code For Alliance name. Some names I put up , are more in keeping for slightly medieval type Alliances perhaps.

OG Company Alpha, has a nice ring to it *:)

2012-04-15, 02:47
haha....just had a funny thought

the 8th wing will be the one i want to join if we choose the 3th option of ruMforums suggestions *:wink:
Old Guys Hotel..... :P

2012-04-15, 09:55
LOL! *Old Guys Hotel sounds great Incredible, when Can I book My Room? * :lol: *:lol:

2012-04-15, 12:32
Greetings, and good morning, a Fine sunny Sunday morning here in UK:P

Today, as promised, its the defence Guide.

Perhaps *one part of peoples bases, that, sadly get Under managed, You would not bieleve the number of level 17 bases, That I alone have conquered as a level 12, because the Owner ,Thought Defense was a waste of resources and time, and much rather have 3-4 of those Hi tech Firehawks, which, you should know now, Are among the weakest units to take damage in *C&C.

Ok heres *Sceenshot of My defences, and I will Attempt to show you whats needed to make something like this.


First On the same type of tab, which we saw in the base Screenshot, on the top right hand side is the stats for status of my defences. you can see, my defence Lvl is 14.50.
Along with that, is a Shield with 179/180, these are the amount of points you have used up, which is linked to the Level Of your Defence HQ in your main base.

Types of defence Units, costs, are shown on bottom of screen, Thus, If I had 177/180, I would be able to aquire a wall (3points) or an antitank Structure for the same amount, Most vehicles cost 10 points,and larger structrures such as the turrets cost 15 points.

The units show with a red triangle is ones that have already been researched, but Until my defence HQ were to be upgraded Further along with the Defence faciilty, that allows you to access new units, they remain Blanked out.

You can always sell some walls, To gain 9 points back if you felt you wanted say a missile squad, I sell and swap around my units all the time, but thats no advisable in the early stages of your base, as you may become weaker, instead of stronger.

Ok, so you can see, some quite formidble defence structures, What your aim is, is to weaken the incoming army, before it reaches your main defences. *Thus, we have Antivehicle Structures, that damage vehicles as they run over them or try and blow them up.

You will Notice , that I have Not got so many MG nests As I once had, This is because They are a much higher level, meaning i dont need so many, opening up Points to purchase the Guradian cannon turrets, These are very affective against pitbulls and tanks, Guardian APcs coming near them, get Blown within 4 seconds or even quicker.

Actually, this is quite a simple defence, its main batterys are in line with my construction yard in my base.

behind the walls at the rear, we have a Hostile set of Anti Air defences, namely the level 15 Missile squads and the fast Anti aircraft Pitbull.

Walls Are quite important, You need to try Put them right across the defence Line, At level 12 and above, most enemy vehicles and maybe a Missile squad, will only be able to take 3-5 of these out before they in range of the main defence units. *Dont leave big gaps on one side of your defence, *just because your construction yard is covered, You must remember that Units move to engage incoming stuff. *So If I had no walls or MC gun nests On my left side, And a sqaud of pitbulls, tanks and some infrantry plus aircraft came sneaking in, *My missile squads and the pitbull would move to the left to engage them, they would be so exposed, that they would *proberly have 3/4 of there Life Kicked.

One of the most irrating things, about defence is, that they dont repair themselves, If your very lucky, if your attacked, once the lockdown time has passed, quickly open the repair icon and repair thos e damaged units.

Off course, its Sod's law, that if your Offline, then the enemy can send in another attack within about 60 seconds, and soon your defences will break, *(Defence Defeat).

Depending on the level of incoming enemy units, and how far they are away has *bearing on how much damage the can do, if there. like 5 or6 fields away, they may use up 20-25 CPs up on each attack. So having a Tough Defence, makes it probable they wont be able to destroy your base, without running out of CPs or even SPs.

Now we come to Supportive measures from other players.

First we have Firestrike Structure, In my own experiance and others, low level Firestike support is hardly noticable. Its better not to deploy this , and aquire another tib harverster or a power unit, or the Tib factory. * *Start saving your research points after you have got your defence and offensive units up to scratch, by unlocking the Ion cannon support. *This Gives artillery Fire on incoming vehicles and is really affective, taking almost 20% of the life off putbulls , tanks etc incoming.

To set any support, Click your base, and see "Set Support". every member should have some sort of support they can link to there neighbours, but nearest the better. Firetrikes are ok, at the begining, But look to Ion cannon support in the near future for more affective support for your member or allies.

perhaps later today, if I have time, I will post the third part of the C&C guide, This will Show Offensive units Lined up to take on a level 18 base. *It will also Show what effect *my attack will have on the defending units.

Hope you have enjoyed My guide, its not always obvious,what is better to place, its really a trail and Error basis and takes time to build a good defence. All I have done here, is show you, how I have placed mine.

On a last note, be aware That defence structures use differant Tiberuim to repair them walls and antitank take green Tib to repair them, but M G nests and vehicles use BLue crystals, so again, have some in reserve:P

See you in the Field :))


2012-04-15, 16:06
Ok, heres the Final Walkthrough on how to Play C&C, *its only meant as a rough guide, things like inbuilt chat system is being made by the Devs, so some of these guides may get outdated at some point.

Today, we Look at Offensive:

Below, we have a level 18 forgotten base, I have already sent in one attack.


Using offensive Units far below the enemys level is not something I can reccomend to guys new to C&C. * You can Attack Units Higher than your own, and some times, with experiance, you can win.

The reason I am Atacking this Size of base, is because a nearby Alliance, would like to also defeat it to extend there territory, and perhaps put a squeeze on our progress.

OK, we don't need to go into anything here but the actual battlefield.

A level 18 Forgotten base has many types of units, Like the Nav'i, these Hostiles are very hard to kill 8O

Working from the front defences, we have some Rocket fists and Missile squads.
To the sides, we have Anti Infrantry vehicles, and in front of our advancing troops, we have the dreaded Anti infranty barbed wire, plus some anti vehicle ground obstacles. *To the left and right is Antivehicle tanks, and the big turrets are Flak Guns, which is why,at this point I dont have Airpower in my line up.

behind them is the last line of defence, always the most difficult, that consists of roughly the same as the front defensive units.

One of the most often mistakes , even with more seasoned players, is to forget about the lowly Riflemen. *DON'T!!

In front of our advancing team is rocket fists and missile squads, *The only units capable of destrying these are infrantry, NOT vehicles, and certainly not APC Guardians.

If i was to send in pitbulls and the tanks First, all of them would be gone in first wave against the rocket fists and the advancing from left or right vehicle busters.

So you ALWAYS send in troops first to clear the way of these type of enemys.
If you come across an enemy or base, which has two or three larger Infranty MG nests first, *Then you would NOT send in infrantry first, you would send in Pitbulls and tanks in two waves to take them out so the following Infrantry arent to exposed.

My Pitbulls are further back, because I want to use them to start breaking down the anti aircraft *Flak turrets, so at a later stage in this battle, i can sell 4 pitbulls, and change them for 4 firehawks, to fiish off the buildings, buts thats quite a few attacks away, I have to first neutralise The Air defences to have any chance of breaching the defence and bombing the Buildings.

With this kind of larger base, I use Both my bases to attack it. * This not only saves repair time for all the vehicles In my main base, but allows me to use *a differant setup of units, in keeping with what defences still need destroying.

Fortunetly Forgotten bases dont have Firestrike or Ion cannon support. *However an Alliance most probably will, and in this case, If I found I was being pounded By nearby Arttillery, at this level of base, *I Would have no hope of getting very much further, with already damaged units.

There is NO way , you can not lose units at this level of action. *The bigger picture shows, that the Anti infrantry barbed wire will kill the infranrty left, Pitbulls destroy these, but, you stand to lose these, if you have anto vehicle units ready to pounce on you.

On top of this, we have a base behind this defence of level 18. *level 18 structures take , again a long time to get though them, espically the level 18 or 19 construction yard. You can share the load of destroying these larger bases, by asking for help from your neighbours if there online. * These big bases, produce a lot of goodies for succesful attacks, A pair of you combining your attacks, will still reap plenty of resources, not to mention Research points, that may run into 10k-50k.

Of course a lot of battles arent as intense as this one is. *I have shown you this one, as an example, as to what to expect, as you dig deeper into the hostiles camps.

BUT, Players bases are very Differant, *For one thing, Most contain lots of MG nests, a sure killer of even 12 infranty lined up.
Vehicle turrets, will blow up your tanks, pitbulls and guardians, before they even get to the wall they are sitting in!

Its here, that you have to work out, what units are going to be best against your enemy. * if theres very little Aircover, then, You can use Firehawks to swoop over *and breach the defenses and demolish the buildings. But if you are confronted with Anti air vehicles, pitbulls, predator tanks and paladin Aircraft is a much safe bet.

there are many stategys to play this game effectivly, None are right, and none are wrong, its *a case of learning by your mistakes, as one guy, i watched replay in server 4 recently, sent in 5 APC guardians against 3 anti vehicle Turrets, That was a bad move, and no thinking had gone into his attack, unsurprsingly, all 5 were *instantly blown away by the three turrets.

So, this is not a complete works of success in C&C, but should give *you a good basis on how to move foreward your base, with the tips I have shown. There will be parts I probably missed out, and all this is down to expereince, *"Once bitten, twice Shy" they say, and C&C is *all about learning as you go :)

this concludes the basic guide to running your base, buiding defence and some offensive tactics.

Hope this has been usefull to you all.

regards *ZeroAssault007 - *Commander RDA Reapers EU server 4 - *& now in OG gamers Alliance in EU 11 server.

2012-04-15, 18:12
Thnx for the info. :D

2012-04-16, 17:46
Thats ok, But would like this moved to a better position MIsix, preferably within a *C&C Forum?

Hi Guys, Just one update,

You may have heard me say, the the tiberium factories produce more Tib, the more of these you have, thats true in some ways, But the main Effect it has, if you have at least three, is it INCREASES YOUR GLOBAL CREDITS PRODUCTION.

2012-04-16, 22:23
I will move it tonight/

Update coming in!


We have seen your complaints about a couple of issues with the combat system and we decide to come up with the following features, to tightening up the game attack rules and to counter some exploits.
This is one of the first steps against the combat exploits and even a small minor one against the multi accounting.
Combat revamp

* *During Combat and up to 60 seconds after the combat the defending player is not able to:
* *- repair the base and defense
* *- upgrade the base or single buildings
* *- move the base or single buildings

* *Up to 30 seconds after an attack ends, the attacked base is only attackable for the attacker and his alliance. This is to prevent anybody but your alliance members from interrupting your attacks and finishing the already damaged base.
* *This applies to all kinds of bases, player bases as well as Forgotten bases.

* *When attacking a Forgotten Camp/Outpost the combat timer will reset immediately once the combat is done. It is no longer needed to wait for the whole 120 seconds when the attack only last for e.g. 70 seconds.

This changes will already get deployed to the first Worlds with the next update.

2012-04-17, 18:22
Old Guys Whiskey :D