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2012-04-05, 14:11
Just got invitation for beta testing of Command and Conquare browser game :) It looks like interesting. At least for first 2 hours of play :)

2012-04-05, 15:30
Yeh the new studio its kinda easy wise. :P

2012-04-05, 17:17
me also have it iam playing it now, it looks like a game i played long time ago but dunno name anymore.

2012-04-05, 19:39
me2 :D

Join: old guys

2012-04-05, 20:47
i joined :D add me as friend : 0daro0

2012-04-06, 10:08
How to search for aliance?

2012-04-06, 10:14
I am on server 11 Europe and nick is Gisse_OG so if you can invite me it would be nice :)

2012-04-07, 23:19
Found some basebuilder *:D Basebuilder (http://cncbasebuilder.appspot.com/#B0E0F060D00000005004G0C0900040044480000H009000405 5750000007A550I0000070J)

My base setup: MI-six's base (http://cncbasebuilder.appspot.com/#E0G0600F00405000009090B0940044022000000H00C22090A 7500004487A700009000000)

2012-04-16, 22:18
If you are on world 1, don't trust the P4F Publishing Dawgs....I did that, made them an ally and was wiped out by them, well first attack I destroyed them but then they came back with friends :(

2012-04-17, 07:26
We are all on Europe 11 :)

2012-04-17, 19:23
Could you sent me invite?
Name: L00_Cyph3r

2012-04-24, 16:48
The earlier Beta Servers,including Server 2, *have a very low Population now, because of the many new servers Now up and running.
You can set up another base on *any other server, unless it says Full, or closed etc.

Keep in mind you will have to start from scratch on a new server, *But if you have already had enough exp on the early servers, then you will know whats required *quicker.

Plus, you get the full Umbrella protection, which will give you ample time to get new base up to about 10-12 in that time, depending on if you decide to purchase some funds, so u can buy Tib and green tib, or Electric, thus allowing you to update almost everything pretty quickly, you can still attack fogotten camps , But not other bases, or you will lose your protection. If you happen to open up in midst of a lot of bases, especially if they belong to an Alliance, do a move each day if you can, to a safer area.

2012-05-08, 16:48
add meh to the allaince OmuNegru