View Full Version : Source Code, Priest [NO Spoilers Plz]

2011-08-19, 15:56
I would say they both are pretty good.. Priest might get a little dry at some places but its not bad.

2011-08-19, 15:57
Source Code wasn't bad, haven't seen priest yet. Lets keep this thread spoiler free.

2011-08-20, 12:12
Got it on my PC, didnt watch it yet. Is it worth it?

2011-08-20, 13:42
priest was a fail for me, no story, no sense at all.

source code was good. But still after watching 2 times not everything is clear to me.

Captain america id ok - but nothing special

2011-08-20, 18:36
Im guessing there will be a sequel for Priest, won't say much else coz Frank ain't seen it.

2011-09-30, 15:36
I still have to watch both. I'll let you know once I've watched it.