View Full Version : May i Schedule a Practice Clan War?

2011-07-13, 05:19
If i where to Look into some of the other clan Sites, and Post some Possible Challenges for a Practice Clan war, *Perhaps 8 on 8 like usual, * Would anyone Object perhaps for Friday or Saturday if we haven't already planned a Scrimmage.

Let me know what Day of the week May be good for a Minimum of 8 of Our Players to have Weekly Practice Matches with the same clan or some different clans.

2011-07-13, 06:40
M,T,W,T,F,S,S * after 19:00 CECT.

2011-07-19, 18:42
I have 2 scrims organised now, theyre up in the main/priv forum for thur and sun

im going to try and keep to the same rota, one during the week and one at the weekend...maybe not always 2 a week, but at least 1

Making some clan contacts cant hurt, obviously co-ordinate with frank, snake or myself before making any firm commitments but sure if you find clans that want to scrim then we can find them a slot :)