View Full Version : [Challenge] 8vs8 Funwar/Training -SB- vs OG

2011-07-03, 19:11
I prefer a clan war just for the lulz, regardless of this cup. Sign up on OG, state which clan you're from and post a preferred date of a clan war against us. There is a P4F clanwar section for other clans to have their say and their war conditions.

We have servers.

And that's how I came here ;)

What: P4F Training
When: If possible sometime before Saturday this week
Format: 8vs8
Map: Sharqi or Karkand
Server: OG Server
Rules: OG Opening Tournament Rules

X-fire: robwar1
Skype: robert.mloreto

2011-07-03, 20:09
Kiddo, just go away.

2011-07-03, 20:18

2011-07-03, 22:14
Robwar welcome to our humble abode, I want to apologise on behalf of Mathes, (prick) *:lol:

We will let you know soon.

2011-07-04, 05:41
Hi Robwar, from the cup TS right? thanks for posting yeah will be nice to get some friendly matches going

2011-07-04, 09:05
How about Sharqi, tuesday 21:00?

2011-07-04, 11:24
Sounds good, I'll have to double check with the team first though.

2011-07-04, 15:44
We've got 5 that can make it, we still have 4 guys who haven't responded yet. Will have an answer soon ;)

2011-07-04, 16:21
tnx for the update.

2011-07-04, 18:41
Ok, we have 8 and can make it. Server bookmark & PW?

2011-07-04, 18:43
lol we have to tell our team too :)

2011-07-04, 19:56
Have no fear ;)


pw= wilma

2011-07-04, 21:30
That pass has copyrights man *:lol:

2011-07-05, 06:34
Ohoho we have victims for today :) Nice

2011-07-05, 19:58

EU cup server 1

Password = practice

2011-07-05, 21:13

Was really fun ;) A great experience for us since it's our 2nd war and first one on Sharqi. Looking forward to organising some more trainings in the future.

Can I add a P4F war arranger or smtn on x-fire? So I don't always need to make a thread .__.

2011-07-05, 21:16
Very well played Robwar. Your 8 man team played well and had better tactics and loadouts. I came late. Hope to see more clanwars in the future.

2011-07-05, 21:25
Thanks for the war, was a very nice practice :)

2011-07-05, 23:12
Same goes for use! :)
Good matches, and I hope for more matches in the future! :)

2011-07-06, 12:33
pw= wilma
Don't touch wilma! *:twisted:

2011-07-06, 12:45
pw= wilma
Don't touch wilma! *:twisted:
this, what were they thinking?

2011-07-12, 05:44
Clan Practice toamrrow at 9 pm *ur guys time * is that berlin time??

2011-07-12, 05:49
ima *newb and missed it lol