View Full Version : assholes and elwboes

2011-05-13, 04:43
Hi all. I'm takning a break until sunday evning. work work work.just so you all know that it will be nice and quiet in ts this weekend. love ya all.

2011-05-13, 07:30
Thanks for the info ;) See you soon, mate :)

2011-05-13, 15:56
Cya back soon m8

2011-05-13, 17:56
I hate my kidneys..................................... They just F********D up my working weekend and I had to dissapoint my new boss :-( .Not what I had planned but I got a at least a time for my opperation. Next week on tuseday so I'll be gone tusday - thurday. Might be in earlier IF they let me go. ( they have a psycik ward at that hospital so I'm a little bit nervous :P .

2011-05-13, 18:19
Take care!

2011-05-13, 18:55
If they come with a white "robe" and ask you to just calm down and relax,..... RUN ! mate, RUN !!!