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2010-10-28, 08:18
Ladies and gentlemen.
We want to arrange a weekend somewhere in the next year. The main idea is that it will suite the most people who wanna come. We cant please every1.
Dates will be announced in a further stadium. Cause we need know how many have ears for it. And we want to see how many money the people can/want to spend on it.

We had a lot of good feedback on the meeting post.
So that why i make this new 1. We need your help, we have to make a list ONLY for people who want to come. Dont post the no i dont go posts please. So it wil be alot easier for us.
I will make the first applycation so you can see how its done.

this is something we had in mind. Its in german but its just to get an idea: http://www.gut-ankelohe.de/index.htm

Example :

Want to come :

How mutch money can/want you spend :

This is just the first step so we can move on.

If you have any questions please contact me or drlost about it. We will answer further questions for you.

2010-10-28, 08:19
Want to come : yes

How mutch money can/want you spend : about 200

2010-10-28, 11:46
Yes I want to be there.
Money is not a problem for me.

If necessary I can pick up 3 people from train station Groningen.
Not available 6th dec 2010 until 16th febr 2011, so preferabel after 16th of februari.

and I also think everyone should say when they are available for meeting :)

2010-10-28, 11:51
Want to come: Only if Sven isn't coming :-p
Money to spend: I has millions
Timeframe: For me would be the best after April (work) but hell, let's see :-)

2010-10-28, 12:03
want to come: yes

how much money: max 100.-Eur (accomodation only) - travel + food/drinkn is like private

Have to say a bit more here:

We like to meet, but it should be affordable 4 as many as possible. So more willing to join equals less costs, because the idea is about to rent one or more appartements/weekend houses
- like in a vacation area - so thats cost reduction. Think about what a hotel might cost (even a low priced one), it will be sth. about 40.- Eur. per night/stay on a medium-low rate.
With 10 members we have like 800.- 4 a whole nice house...so in my opinion we should not be shocked when one posts a high amount...it will be mucho less i suppose. In the end we will look 4 the one who has the lowest amount to spend an take it as a basis to find sth.
Im on it and now we try to make a first step into a poll - so we like to know how many we can assamble...I like to say sign in untill end of November. After that we can see how many we are and look 4 further info etc. Untill then I make some reserch for houses in diff. european places and give examples concerning rates etc. (here in this post?)
Any suggestions and Ideas are welcome best as PM to app3l or dr.lost...

2010-10-28, 14:29
I will not be there...Im scared of the dutch guys

2010-10-28, 14:42
Hey lenna u r kidding arn´t u???

2010-10-28, 15:14
I will not be there...Im scared of the dutch guysOfficially I'm not dutch lol

2010-10-28, 18:29
Nah she is only scared of me and my oversexed behaviour :D:D

2010-10-28, 19:07
Iam in!
Money hmm, as less as possible ;)
No, hmm if it´s possible to join i will pay as much as needed.

2010-10-29, 20:24
yes i want to come
i got no limit on money but ye dont overreact with the price ;)

2010-10-30, 02:39
I will not come this time, i have enough to do at home with my 6 months old son and thight budget. Also my health is not good at the moment. But i wish you all good luck and most of all, have a awesome time with eachother.


2010-11-01, 21:33
I will not be there...Im scared of the dutch guysD:

2010-11-06, 16:06
I'm interested by the idea, but can't tell when I'll have more than 0 € to spend *:?

2010-11-07, 21:18
I want to come aswell, but I dont know with my football :)
If I know the date then I can watch for it :)

2010-11-07, 23:30
I'm interested by the idea, but can't tell when I'll have more than 0 € to spend *:?

do we need to raise you some money XD all put a euro in the hat for cadbf

2010-11-08, 16:27
Very nice idea with the money...you´r a good social thinking man - i appreciate that very very much!!!
4 me its no question 2 help...as i mentioned some times b4 i like to have anyway a hat/pot in OG 4
anykind of things like this...even others can be helped that way - social founds - vs battlefounds...lol
but to be serious: lets collect some money anyway and who wants to give should do so and as much/less
as he-she like...perhaps putting it on our paypal account with a remark like "OG-founds"...maybe we can open another post 4 it..

2010-11-11, 14:12
Iam in! *:D

2010-11-11, 14:20
This sounds like a good idea and even I think it would be great to be there with u, sorry I can't be in. Need to save money...

2010-11-20, 16:39
Good idea, i am in, but i want to know if it starts at fridayevening until Sunday .. or Saturday and Sunday witch i prefer.

2010-11-20, 19:45
I'm waiting for some money, probably next week, but I can't stay away for more than 1 day because of my aging cat (she's getting very sick and doesn't eat any more when I'm away)...

Already an idea of the selected country ?

2010-11-20, 22:47
Its still in progress...so we have 2 wait how many there will be in 4 it.
concerning the country is same as above...
due to the duration: well, staring at a friday and ending sunday is a complete weekend...but sbdy who can only come on saturday...no problem (he will then also only pay 4 one night..-> sat/sun)
A sort of poll will follow when this first period is over (end Nov./last count-in 4 all who want to come)...than we want 2 find out
where the best meeting-spot/place will be, but we will also figure out a good spot/location so members with only a limited range of action (those who wont be able 2 get too far away from home...) can join!
First just say if you wanna be there, next we go to find a timescedule (like which month is best) and a location/place...
the principle must be like a onion: layer after layer 2 finalize until we got mostly everything under the big Hat of the meeting...so everybody should be pleased as much as possible.