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2010-07-05, 14:06
The Baseballs are a rock and roll band founded in Berlin in 2007.

They became popular with Elvis like rock and roll cover versions of modern hits such as "Umbrella" by Rihanna and "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry.

Their version of "Umbrella" was a hit in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway and got into the charts in all seven countries.

Their debut album, Strike!, was produced by JMC Music テつ*and released in May 2009 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, テつ*n October 2009 in Finland, in December 2009 in Sweden, in February in Norway テつ*and in March 2010 in The Netherlands. It reached #15 in Austria, #6 in Germany, #2 in Switzerland and The Netherlands, #1 in Finland, #1 in Sweden and #1 in the Norwegian album charts.

If you are interested let me know! I can *cough* send you the album, or just buy *cough* download *cough* it :-)


2010-07-05, 19:36
Not me, but my gf is interested. So I would be happy if I would find somehow *cough* a dl link *cough* in a pm.

2010-07-05, 21:52
Damn gyus, did you catch a cold? テつ*:D

2010-07-05, 22:38
Let me upload it for you Saro!
I will give you the link in a bit.

2010-07-05, 22:46

<<< Should be working @ 0.30 am :-)

2010-08-12, 22:44
I like it a lot, I am usually not really into populair top-40 music but this is just a whole different kind of music, I like the 50's twist they seem to be able to use on any song succesfully.

I allready own the album... テつ*:roll:

2010-09-17, 17:59
These are a great roll n' roll band, wish they had come out a few years before, and they are loved by many at a bikers cafe i go to, The Ace Cafe London.

2010-11-04, 20:08
Like the creativity that fuses modern and 50s music togheter... I really like it テつ*8)

2010-11-04, 22:14
Munky I love SOns of Anarchy

I love this type of music, Elvis is my number one and I listen to him daily