View Full Version : Nice and good things of life

2010-06-03, 15:20
I always liked topics like this, the idea of this topic is that if you experienced something cool or nice lately you'd be able to post it here and share it with us (if you want it offcourse).

Ok, I'll kick off:

Am invited next week tuesday to sign papers concerning my new learn-work-study-job thing *:)
Also I will have weekend as of tommorow 12:00 and I don't have to work untill next wensday, to be honest I can take every day off I want but I still like the idea of a long weekend tho ;)

2010-06-03, 15:26
What are you studying, and where are you gonna start working?

I am doing the same at the moment

2010-06-03, 15:48
Radiodiagnostics (MRI, Röntgen, CT and stuff) offcourse in a hospital *:wink:

2010-06-03, 16:09
Cool, I got a friend who does that aswell! He works in Rotterdam in the Erasmus Medisch Centrum.

2010-06-03, 17:36
Lol, I will follow my classes there the first 3 months ;)