View Full Version : Server problem with teamspeak.!!!!!

2010-06-02, 16:49
Hey guys ifound out some trouble shooting with the update of teamspeak 3.

Best thing to do is not update your teamspeak.

After i had spoken to Mi SIx (ED) it occurs that our teamspeak server is not updated yet.Ed is working on that and wil announce it when its ready.

May it be that you have updated your teamspeak, what i did then the best thing to do is choose a configuration point of a earlier time of your comp.

Greetings, navycowboy

2010-06-02, 17:25
Thanks for the info buddy.

2010-06-02, 20:35
Thanks Navycowboy I will put mine back a couple of days :oops:

2010-06-13, 09:28
And now I can't use teamspeak.

2010-06-13, 11:46
Hola Joao,
thanks for letting us know this problem. I think this must be Road Rage related one. I informed Vercetti about this problem. I hope you sent him a PM as well.