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2010-01-22, 19:57
The history of Old Guys Gaming Community, enjoy the read!


Old Guys Gaming Community was founded on the 28th of April 2009 by two old lads, -=OG=- MI-six and -=OG=- Kalashnikov.

Both gentlemen have played first person shooters online since the first release of MOHAA, by doing so they gained valuable experience. Because of their comprehensive knowledge of FPS-games, they had a strong vision about what the perfect clan should look like. In 2009 these plans came from the drawing board, when Battlefield Heroes was released. Impressed by this brand new cartoon-shooter, these two men decided to start a clan that was up to their standards. Only days later, the clan OldGuys.nl was online, and the Old Guys clan was born.


Old Guys' most important values are fun and mutual respect. These two motivations can be found in everything we do: respect towards each other and towards the community. This strongly appeals to the mature gamer, which results in the rapid growth currently experiencing. We established a close community in which everyone knows each other and speak regularly.

The open atmosphere MI-six and Kalashnikov created, enables all members to participate in the day to day management process of the clan. The continuity of the clan is ensured due to enough support from donators.

Experience has shown that a good clan exists of members who are involved in the clan. This is why Old Guys is focusing primarily on adult (18+) gamers, whom are looking for tactics in online games. The heart of communication is our Teamspeak server, in which members can chat about anything, but also serious matters like tactics are being discussed. Based on these facts, the focus lied on native Dutch speaking gamers.

The original vision of our founding fathers develops as the clan develops. There are and always will be little things which could use some changing. Old Guys did not want to stick to just one online multiplayer game, in this case Battlefield Heroes, but also on other games and develop itself to an online multigaming community. Limiting itself to one language (Dutch), also limited the member base and the overall development of the community.


In January 2010, Old Guys went international. The word 'clan' did not suit the group of players anymore, it had moved on to be a community. Multiple games were now supported, Battlefield Heroes, Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2.

Due to the changes in the beginning of 2010, a new website was required. A switch to English was made, all rules, guidelines, forums and Teamspeak communication had to be changed.


In February 2010, Vercetti (joined in September 2009, after moving over members from his own clan 'Duff clan', which was founded in March 2009, to Old Guys clan) gained Leader status in the clan, for all the effort he has done to rapidly expand the community. He mainly focused on Battlefield Heroes, where MI-six and Kalashnikov focused on the upcoming game Battlefield Bad Company 2.

In April 2010, the Bad Company 2 group started to develop, and grew rapidly. The game continued to live until the release of Battlefield 3, in October 2011. At the end of 2010, a Medal of Honor game group was started up, together with a Call of Duty Black Ops group. COD did not have any supporters in our community, after which was decided to stop supporting COD.
For personal reasons, Kalashnikov resigned as a leader in May 2010.
The Medal of Honor group grew and some nice wars were played against other communities. Unfortunately due to no support from the developers, the global gaming community left Medal of Honor, making it hard to keep the group alive in the community.
Many of the Meal of Honor group members moved on to Homefront in March 2011, a high anticipated game. Unfortunately, the game seemed to be released to early, leaving many bugs in the game. Hardly any updates were released, server management was almost impossible and hackers were taking over the game. After 2 months, we decided to pull the plug from Homefront.


2011, a new year, time for a new theme and the logo was enhanced.


In March 2011, Battlefield Play4Free was released, another game from the creators of Battlefield Heroes. A group slowly developed, after which Old Guys gained a lot of publicity by visiting Easy Studios in Sweden.


After this visit, Old Guys decided to organize the Play4Free Opening Cup (http://www.bfp4fcup.com), which would start when the rental servers were released. Over 400 players and 50 clans participated in the Cup, with Alienware Laptops, AMD Graphic Cards, Alienware mice, Gameservers provided by i3D.net and Battlefunds up for grabs for the winners.
At the finals, the Play4Free league (http://www.p4fleague.com) was announced, a ladder system for Battlefield Play4Free, where clans could participate in ladders and tournaments.


In October 2011, Battlefield 3 was released, which the most members in our community are currently playing. Old Guys is currently besides focusing on Europe, also focusing on North America. More and more North-American players join the community, leaving Teamspeak 24/7 filled with members.


The international ambitions are clear: A global gaming community.

We would like to invite you all to play on our game servers, join our Teamspeak server for a chat, and participate in the world of online gaming. Frag on!

Old Guys Gaming Community

MI-six and Vercetti

Last update: 05/02/2012