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2010-01-22, 19:55
Dear members,

Every Old Guys member is obliged to pay the monthly membership fee, after the 4 week trial time is over. The mandatory membership fees are used to pay for the website, Game servers, Teamspeak servers and for goodies and prizes in contests.

The membership fees can be paid by bank or by Paypal. We prefer our European members to pay by bank if possible (reduces costs). Paypal charges €0.35 + 3.4%, the bank only €0.50 in total.

If you pay per 6 months, you will get a free Oldguys.eu e-mail address, and extra upload space in the image host.
If you pay per year, you will also get one month extra.

The membership fees are build up like this:


Bank account details:
Watch out only for EUROPEAN + Lichtenstein, Norway and Iceland country's list below!

For our international members (ONLY EUROPEAN UNION + Lichtenstein, Norway and Iceland)!, COSTS: SHARE)
Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland
Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia
Slovakia, Spain, Czech republic, United kingdom, Sweden

Put the cost option to 'SHARE', you will pay nothing when transferring within the EU.