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  1. Command and Conquare P4F Betta
  2. "The birth of OG C&C Alliance"
  3. New Ea Giveaway for each Play4freegame
  4. Special: Alpha Force
  5. First Public Test of Update 8.9
  6. Visiting the Dutch National World War II Museum
  7. Gamespy tested World of Tanks
  8. Latest Gift Shop Offers – 18-25th October
  9. New Campaign coming soon!
  10. Second Campaign: Rules and Regulations
  11. Weekend Special: Operation Lightfoot
  12. WOT Wins Golden Joystick Awards 2013
  13. Special: Happy Halloween!
  14. Update 8.9: Armored Spearhead released!
  15. Special: Second Battle of El Alamein
  16. Fight us on the Campaign Map!
  17. Major improvements in the Gift Shop
  18. Introducing the new Hall of Fame
  19. Special: Veterans Day
  20. Wargaming at Reboot InfoGamer in Zagreb, Croatia, November
  21. World of Warplanes Officially Launched
  22. Video: Wargaming News
  23. Special: Keep Calm and Tank On
  24. The World Cyber Games Grand Final Is Coming
  25. Weekend Special: Thrill of the Hunt
  26. Interactive Special – The Final Random Draw
  27. Japanese Tanks Arriving in Update 8.10!
  28. Video: Version 8.10
  29. Special: Winter Is Coming!
  30. World Cyber Games Final Video Recap
  31. December Wallpaper
  32. Special: Fire and Forget!
  33. Video: Explaining Mechanics - Matchmaking
  34. Introducing Unified Free XP
  35. Winter Creative Contest
  36. Join in the End of Year Festivities!
  37. First Public Test of Update 8.10
  38. Flashback: Heavy Steel Weekend
  39. Video: 8-Bit Tales – A Famous Plumber
  40. End of the Year Festivities: In-game bonuses
  41. 25th December special
  42. Video: Graphics Evolution
  43. Premium Shop Update: Happy Holidays!
  44. Version 8.10 Release on Monday 23rd December!
  45. A Holiday Gift Tank for Everybody!